1. High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF). HQCF is produced from freshly harvested cassava tuber in eight stages of unit operations. Fresh roots into flour: Presently it is standard to process cassava flour (HQCF) in the following manner: Peel roots >> Wash roots >> Chip or grate >> Press mash (e.g. by screw or hydraulic press) >> Pulverize >> dry (using flash dryer)>> Mill finely >> Package; there are standard, good quality equipments that have been developed for each of these unit operations. The demand for HQCF is currently put at about 350,000 MT, and less than half of this volume is currently being met, our market is large and largely unserved.

• SEAN HQCF supplies improved nutritional needs
• SEAN HQCF is fortified with Vitamins A and B
• SEAN HQCF is rich in starch and contains of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin C.
• SEAN HQCF is produced from mature cassava tuber according to highest Quality standards.
• SEAN HQCF is well packaged.
• SEAN HQCF is offered at a competitive price.

SEAN High Quality Cassava Flour is developed specially for the particular needs of flour mills and as a cost effective substitute for imported wheat flour, corn flour, potato flour in noodles, spaghetti, bread and confectionaries for the consumptions of the whole family and for individuals who give special attention to the nutritional requirements of their bodies, and as part of the fulfillment of government policy on imported wheat substitution.

Also Dara Manihot will further increase the consumption of cassava products and reduce the wastage of cassava tuber.

2. SEAN CASSAVA TUBER s. We will continue to supply excess cassava tuber from our farmers to other partner processing industries.

Cassava Supply Systems
Cassava processing factories buy cassava roots from growers in their neighborhood, directly or through agents. Some factories, however, own their cassava plantations. Modern processing plants usually contract various growers in the area to supply roots. In such situations the factory should furnish financial and technical assistance to the growers, and an agronomist should be assigned to help producers develop better production practices and to conduct control experiments for determining the proper varieties, fertilizers, and methods of insect and disease control for the area.

The prices of tubers are set on the basis of certain starch content, with a discount or a premium for deviations from that level, which is determined according to the locality and the varieties. The starch content in the tubers is determined subjectively by the factory's representative or objectively by chemical analysis. Subjective evaluation is done by selecting a medium-size root and snapping it in two. If the tuber snaps with medium force, the crop is generally regarded as mature and the flesh will appear firm, white and dry. Such roots are considered to have the maximum starch content of 30 percent. Low starch flesh from immature tubers is usually slightly yellow and, although firm, has a translucent watery core. If considerable force is required to snap the tuber, it is considered to have become woody and the crop to have passed its prime. Chemical analysis of the tubers is a truer method for the determination of starch content, but it requires a laboratory and qualified technicians.

In most cases' root weight is estimated at the farm by simple means which are not entirely accurate and consequently do not reflect the exact yield. It is therefore advisable to have special weighing bridges in the factories for recording the weights of the roots as well as of the final products.

3. SEAN Livestock feeds, is a cassava based livestock feeds for Pigs and ruminants.

Dara Manihot Industries and Farms Ltd will be positioned as a cost-effective and reliable manufacturing corporation offering consistent high quality products in SEAN HQCF and cassava based livestock feeds.

Our first product is Dara Manihot HQCF; the second product is cassava based livestock feeds, which will be introduced in year 3.

We will intensify the implementation of our plan to establish a cassava to ethanol processing plant by year 5.

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